✨High Protein, Keto-Friendly, and 75,000+ 5-Star Reviews✨

✨High Protein, Keto-Friendly, and 75,000+ 5-Star Reviews✨

✨High Protein, Keto-Friendly, and 75,000+ 5-Star Reviews✨

✨75,000+ 5-Star Reviews✨

✨75,000+ 5-Star Reviews✨

✨75,000+ 5-Star Reviews✨

The Best Cereal for Breakfast

Breakfast is a puzzle. While it’s a favorite meal for many, it’s also often stressful for those on the go. Whether you’re heading to work, your kids are heading to school, or you need something quick before running errands, picking a fast meal that is still tasty and nutritious can be a headache. Speaking of headaches, the sugar crash that follows overly sweet breakfasts can also often lead to them. 

So, what are you to do when facing the breakfast challenge? Cereal is a fast option but usually comes with high sugar levels and low protein content. Luckily, Magic Spoon is here to fill that need. It’s a high-protein and low-sugar breakfast with all the quickness and tasty flavor of your other favorite breakfast cereals.

The Benefits of High-Protein Breakfast Cereals

Magic Spoon cereals contain a whopping 13 – 14 grams of protein per serving. But why is that so important? The American Society for Nutrition says high-protein breakfasts bring many benefits, such as:

  • Supporting weight loss: You will feel fuller and be less likely to snack throughout the day
  • Helping build muscle mass: Proteins are considered the building blocks for strong muscles
  • Helping regulate glucose: This helps protect against blood-sugar spikes and diabetes

Magic Spoon’s protein is derived from high-quality protein sources such as whey. Beginning your day with protein will keep your tummy from rumbling.

The Benefits of a Carb-Conscious Breakfast Cereal

With only 4.5 grams of carbs per serving and 0 grams of added sugar, Magic Spoon’s cereals are an effective way to start your day with a carb-conscious choice. Our cereals rely on a low-carb blend of natural sweeteners, such as monk fruit. Magic Spoon’s cereals are also entirely gluten-free for anyone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Having a lower amount of carbs for breakfast has various health benefits. These include:

  • Potentially increasing metabolism
  • Preventing sugar crashes, which can lead to excess snacking and headaches
  • Boosting endurance

Low-carb eating throughout the day can also decrease visceral fat, or “bad” fat, in the body.

But How Does It Taste?

With its high protein, low carb, and gluten-free cereals, Magic Spoon has captured the magic of breakfast cereal that tastes good. Featuring a wide selection of flavors, so you can have a range of options or find your favorite from childhood. 

Currently, we offer the following craveable flavors:

  • Fruity: Featuring bright colors and a pleasingly fruity taste, it goes great with sliced fresh fruit to add even more vitamins to your breakfast.
  • Peanut Butter: This peanutty treat is delicious with any milk you choose, but if you’re in the mood for a special treat, try it with chocolate milk.
  • Cocoa: The classic chocolatey taste. 
  • Cinnamon Roll: A classic diner breakfast choice reimagined as a bowl of cereal.
  • Frosted: This one is perfect for those who love their breakfast cereal sweet and nostalgic.
  • Blueberry Muffin: Another classic breakfast pastry is reimagined as a quick and easy comfort food.
  • Maple Waffle: A breakfast staple’s buttery and maple flavors come alive in this cereal.
  • Birthday Cake: for that sweet vanilla craving, making every day your special day.

Our breakfast cereals taste great on their own, but they are also fun to mix up with add-ins and milk varieties. We love adding fresh fruit and chopped nuts or different favorite flavors of Greek yogurt for an extra protein boost! You can also feel confident knowing that we also use no artificial colors, so you can enjoy the great taste without any added worries.

Bowl of Magic Spoon Cereal