✨ High Protein, Low Carb, and 50,000+ 5-Star Reviews ✨

✨ 50,000+ 5-Star Reviews ✨

Magic Spoon Reviews by the People Who Love Cereal Just Like Us

What started as a dream between two college friends is now a reality that people love. We mean, they really love Magic Spoon. We believe in the power of cereal. We loved it as kids and, now, as adults, we use it to fuel our day.

We built our business on one simple concept – everyone loves cereal. We spent years working to make this precious resource into something that is healthier. At Magic Spoon, our cereal is high protein and keto-friendly. It’s also better than the other guys because we know the secret to offering a sweet taste without the sugar that makes most brands an unhealthy alternative.

Our sweet secret is simple enough. We wanted a formula reminiscent of our favorite kids' cereals without chemicals and processed ingredients. We make use of a natural combination of monk fruit, stevia, and allulose. Allulose is a "rare" sugar that can be found in foods such as figs and maple syrup. It has the same flavor as "normal" sugar but has nearly no glycemic impact and almost no calories (less than 0.4 cal/g).

Cereal doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure anymore, whether you are an adult, an adult feeding your kids, or just a big kid yourself. We built our game-changing cereal around nutrition and a taste that adults can love – and they do.

How do we know that people love our grown-up cereal? Because they told us they do. And they keep telling us every day. Check out some Magic Spoon cereal reviews from real customers who we lovingly call Spooners.