✨High Protein, Keto-Friendly, and 75,000+ 5-Star Reviews✨

Snack Anywhere 📍 Shop Magic Spoon Treats

✨High Protein, Keto-Friendly, and 75,000+ 5-Star Reviews✨

✨75,000+ 5-Star Reviews✨

Snack Anywhere 📍 Shop Magic Spoon Treats

✨75,000+ 5-Star Reviews✨

Wheat Free Cereal

More and more, people find they are sensitive to or wish to avoid gluten, a protein found in some grains, including wheat. Even if you do not have a wheat allergy, the benefits of a wheat-free diet are hard to ignore. We couldn’t ignore them when we were formulating our Magic Spoon cereal.

We wanted to relive those great childhood memories of sitting down with our favorite box of cereal, a bowl, a spoon, and a gallon of milk. Today, people are much more aware of what they eat, so we needed to make something just as exciting as the kid’s cereal we loved, but without the sugar and packed full of protein.

No Wheat But Plenty of Taste

The idea of leaving wheat out of a breakfast cereal sounds a little crazy. What about taste? Can you have a good flavor without the wheat? In a word, yes.

Magic Spoon has that great taste we crave, and without the wheat, a component found in many other brands. We use some of the top chefs in the country and food scientists to give you that great punch of flavor but without the side effects.

So, No Wheat But What Do You Get in Magic Spoon?

Taste is important, but it’s not the only thing to consider when choosing the breakfast food you and your family will enjoy. Nutrition is our highest priority after taste, and, frankly, we nailed both. What can you expect out of your box of Magic Spoon?

Lots of Critical Protein
Your body doesn’t need wheat, but it does need protein, the building block for muscle and healing. Magic Spoon offers 13-14g of high-quality protein per serving. This is ten times the amount found in well-known brands.

4-5g of Net Carbs
One serving of Magic Spoon has just four net carbs. And, we calculate net carbohydrates differently than other products.

Our formula is: Net carbohydrates = total carbs - allulose - fiber = just 4 grams of carbs per serving.

If you follow a Keto plan and are wheat-free, Magic Spoon supports those choices.

What Makes Magic Spoon the Right Cereal for You?

Magic Spoon cereal is:

- High-protein
- Wheat-free
- Soy-free
- All-Natural

All that, and it’s still packed with flavor. There are six fantastic Magic Spoon options to choose from:


A fruity cereal that isn’t loopy.

Cinnamon Roll

Hold the toast.

Blueberry Muffin

Comes with a spoonful of bright, healthy berries


With just hints of vanilla and marshmallow for a fun, sweet taste.

Peanut Butter

Crunchy, nutty, and perfectly sweat


Dark, rich, and made with natural cocoa packed with plenty of flavonoids for extra benefits.

You’ll find something from every cereal lover in the house.

Magic Spoon was created focusing on both natural ingredients, high protein, little to no sugar, and incredible taste. We get our ingredients from the best source in the world – nature. That is what earned us more than 20,000 5-star ratings.

Will you miss the wheat? Not at all, so go ahead and try our healthy alternative for breakfast today.